Learn how Offshore Panorama news sent to your email

Panorama Offshore is a portal that aims to provide relevant and reliable information to the interested public and companies active in the offshore market of Brazil and the world. Seeking also to leverage the strategic communication of the organizations and to foment its business in the sector of Energy, Oil and Gas.

Having the understanding that a way of communicating has changed, a Panorama besides offers informative news about the offshore and onshore world in its news portal (https://www.panoramaoffshore.com.br), also provides a “live” newsletter, That arrives by electronic mail containing as main subjects of the day.

Called “Três de Terça”, the online newsletter, it presents three most relevant news on Tuesday. And to receive in the email box, simply register the name and e-mail address on the “Newsletter” tab on our website (https://www.panoramaoffshore.com.br/newsletter/), for all third day of the week , Receive confidential and interesting information about the offshore world.

Keep yourself informed about everything that happens in the area of Energy, Oil and Gas. Register and continue following an Overview Offshore, until the last few months were enough to demonstrate that the portal is an ideal tool for what you need and They seek quality information and news about an area that is no longer the coveted one in the world. Remember: your business passes through here.


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