Amazon's energy auction will be postponed

The auction of the distributor of electric bras, Amazonas Energia, was postponed to the 25th of October, by the BNDES. The information has been confirmed by the state in a statement. The bidding that would take place on 26 September was extended due to the delay in the Senate bill vote that establishes security to the effective privatization of the subsidiary.

The company is designated as the Distributor until December 31st. This deadline has been stipulated until the Amazon energy is sold. If the auction happens, the signing of the contract of purchase and sale of the shares must happen until the 14th of January 2019. Otherwise, the deadline for designating the state under the subsidiary should be extended.

Of the six distributors, the bras have already managed to privatize four. In addition to the Amazon energy, there remains the Ceal (energy company of Alagoas), which had its auction suspended due to an injunction granted by the Minister of the STF, Ricardo Lewandowski.

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