ANP's auction collects R $8.014 BI bonuses

The Secretary of Oil and Gas of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), Márcio Félix, assesses that the collection of the 15th round of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) in concession bonuses could have surpassed what was paid by Libra, if the Court of Auditors of the Union (TCU) had not determined on Wednesday, 28, the withdrawal of two areas. With 13 offerings, of which 11 foreigners, R $8.014 billion bonuses and total goodwill of 622%, the auction was considered a success by Felix and the Director-General of the ANP, Decius Oddone.
According to Oddone, eight companies had deposited guarantees for the two areas withdrawn by the TCU. For him, the lack of interest in land offers does not diminish the success of the auction. The blocks on land, assess, compete with the disinvestments Petrobras is making, with areas already in production.
"Three of the five most expensive blocks in the history of the ANP auctions came out in this round. It shows the potential that Brazil has to raise resources when it does the right things, "summarized the Director-General of the ANP in the balance sheet of the auction.
On Monday, ANP and MME will meet with TCU to assess what needs to be done to reattach the two areas for sale. One of the possibilities is that they are framed as sharing areas in an extraordinary meeting of the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) already in April.
"We will sleep there if necessary to come out with an understanding. We have a good proposal for this ", the secretary, for whom Brazil" lives a process of transition, with a new institutionality and well-defined roles of the ministry, ANP and Petrobras. "
The American giant ExxonMobil will be operating in six of the eight Arrematados blocks on Thursday, 29, in the 15th round of oil and Natural gas bids promoted by ANP.
According to data provided by ANP, ExxonMobil bought one more block than Petrobras in the auction, since the state was left with only seven blocks, all in partnership. With the purchases at the auction the ExxonMobil is to have 24 exploration blocks in Brazil. Source: Pernambuco's journal.

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