Auction of oil and gas areas may be

The national agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP) announced that the fourth round of marginal accumulations, which leiloará ten areas for exploration and production of oil and gas with low potential, in three basins, was postponed until May 11. In bidding the date was for the day on March 24.

The postponement was accomplished due to need of the ANP that awaited the international validation of the environmental guidelines by the competent bodies and the guidelines of the national energy policy Council (CNPE) about the local content policy. In this way, after the auction, the contracts should be signed until the end of August.

Under concession, will be offered in the areas of Rio Doce, Rio Mariricu (the Holy Spirit), White crane, Northwest of the Hill pink, Solitary, Potoo (Potiguar Basin), Itaparica, Marail Guan, Quiricó Valley (Reconcavo basin) and Araçás East.


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