Oil auction should attract investments of US $60 billion for Brazil

The Minister of mines and energy, Fernando Rabbit Son, said at the weekend that the auctions of oil fields that the Government intends to carry out in 2017 and 2018, seeking to attract investments of up to $60 billion for the country.

For this year of 2017, must happen three major auctions, two pre-salt areas and a postwar salt areas. The fields and the rules must be submitted during the international Offshore Technology Conference, the largest world's fair, which takes place from May 1 and will last until the day 4, in Houston, Texas.

It is also in the final stages of negotiating with the States, according to Rabbit, the 20-year extension of Repetro (special scheme for the oil Sector), which ensures tax exemption on importation of equipment for exploration and production. However, the scheme is not consensus among the oil companies (interested) and domestic manufacturers of equipment, claiming tax disadvantages.

The Minister also highlighted Petrobras will have right not to participate in the auctions. By the current rules, the State decides which areas you want to play. In these, is obliged and operate and have a minimum of 30% slice the consortia winners, even if your proposal out defeated.

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