Oil auctions generate optimism in the industry

The market sees with optimism the resumption of the oil and gas sector in Brazil, since the rounds of pre-salt auctions have brought new investments to the country. The drop in the local content requirement concerns, but is seen as a stimulus for the competitiveness of companies installed in national territory.

"The changes in the pre-salt regulatory framework, which defined the end of Petrobras ' exclusivity as an explorer, created opportunity for new business," assesses the director of the Federation of Industries of the state of São Paulo (FIESP), Julius Dias, in presentation at Second stage of the program virtuous circuit of the oil and gas industry in Sao Paulo.

Days declared that Brazilian oil production should jump in the coming decades and that there is a horizon of industry development in the country. "We have become the world's tenth largest producer of oil and the largest in Latin America. Oil and natural gas will have a central role in the supply of energy, even with investments in renewables. "

The event took place on Monday (26) in the Caterpillar plant in Piracicaba (SP), and was attended by representatives of companies, government and entities. The objective of the program is to present the national industry supplier of goods and services in the area of oil and gas for operators, Afretadoras, Moduleiros and shipyards that are entering the country according to the new rounds of auctions of exploration of the pre-salt.

"It is a great opportunity and a starting point to bring industry closer to its main plaintiffs," said Dias.

Representing the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the Director-General of the National organization of the Petroleum Industry (ONIP), Marcos Ahmadi, highlighted that in addition to the pre-salt, the sector will have a range of opportunities in other areas of exploration. "We also have the ripe land fields in the northeast, which can generate business for smaller producers. The oil industry cannot depend only on the pre-salt, "he points out.

The assessor of the petroleum and Gas Undersecretary of the Secretariat of Energy and mining of the state of São Paulo, Ricardo Cantarini, highlighted the impact of the discovery of fields in the Santos basin for the local industry. "Today we are the second largest producer in the country. The pre-salt already represents half the production of Brazil and this will grow with the new rounds that are already programmed, "he said. He added that, in addition to these opportunities, there is the plan to expand the gas distribution to meet the industries. "We have also made a joint effort with Petrobras to attract a technological center for the Santos region and promote solutions for the industry."

The next round of auctions for exploration of oil areas is scheduled for March 29th. In this scenario, industry agents approached the drop of the requirement on the local content index. The government measure, announced last year, pleased the big oil companies, but was criticized by the national industry.

New rules

In land areas, the compulsory quota will be 50% of national components; 18% in the areas of exploration at sea; 25% for wells construction; 40% for collection and disposal systems and 25% for stationary production units. The penalties for non-compliance with the rules have also been reduced.

"Let us not regret this change and understand this as a challenge for our industry," said João Dias. "We will not rely only on paternalism. It's not a disaster to compete with what comes out of it, "he evaluates. "Pre-salt is a major challenge for industry and the market for goods and services in the sector. We have to show quality to the great buyers, many of whom will be acting for the first time in Brazil, "he ponders.

Ahmadi follows on the same line. "We have productive poles capable of facing international competition, including Asian. The goal of Onip is to promote the competitiveness and productivity of the local industry. We work to remove bottlenecks as taxes, for example, "he assures.


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