Amabiental of Total license can come out soon

According to Decio Oddone, Director-General of the national oil Agency (ANP), it's only a matter of time for the Total company, get the document of environmental permit to begin exploration in the waters of the Mouth of the Amazon. The Executive made the claim during an event held in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian Institute of environment and renewable natural resources (Ibama) was about to embagar the operation of the company in place for lack of documents requested from the oil company. In addition, cross-border risks related to possible impacts, in case of accidents, in Brazilian waters and nearby countries was also one of the barriers to continuity of the project.

Will the company be able to license or will be one of many companies that are locked to start oil explorations for lack of authorization from Ibama. Keep on keeping informed about everything that happens in the oil market, CCIC's unique gas, fuels, Petrobras, onshore and offshore in Offshore Panorama. Your business goes through here. Check out:


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