Liquigas and Bahiana gas distributor Arrematam lot in the Port of Bethlehem

In an auction without competition, the companies Liquigas and Bahiana distributor of gas Arremataram each 1 1 lot for storage and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the Port of Belém (PA). The auction took place this Friday (6) at B3 in Sao Paulo.

The Bahiana Distributor, from the Ultra group, offered R $300,160 to explore the MIR01 lot, which is idle. The company will have to build the installation in an area of 25400 square meters and it will have capacity for 64800 tonnes per year. The estimated investment is R $65.6 million. The Bahiana distributor should pay R $81100 per month to the Pará Dock Company (CDP).

The second area, the BEL05, was ourjobs by Liquigas, which already operates the lot. The company offered R $100,000 to explore the area, of 33900 square meters and capacity for 86400 tonnes per year, which will charge investments of R $51 million. Liquigas will have to pay R $216,800 per month to CDP.

The contracts are valid for 20 years. These were the first transport assets of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) to go to auction in 2018.

The areas are in the so-called Retroporto, without direct access to the pier. They are supplied by ducts connected to the terminal operated by Transpetro, which in turn also connects to the pier. It is up to the terminal operated by Transpetro to make port handling and primary storage of LPG.

Originally would be bidding also a third area, the BEL06. But the lot went out of commission and was excluded from the auction. According to the deputy Director-General of the National Transport Agency Waterway (Antaq), Mário Povia, it was not expected that one of the areas would be without proposals. The BEL06 should be reseated in the market for bidding soon. Today, who operates the lot is the national Butane gas distributor, which recently incorporated the Paragás, former carrier.

Low bids
Mário Povia considered that the low bids in the auction of areas in the port of Bethlehem were "expected". "Monthly payment figures are higher, it is normal for the bid to come more timid," said the executive to the value.

Although the auction was not carried out by the Government, but by the Pará Dock Company (CDP), no port representative granted an interview. Likewise, the winners Bahiana gas distributor and Liquigas didn't talk to the press. Source: Value



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