Loyalty Miami develops projects in the educational area

EBETEC offers professional courses and adaptation classes for Brazilians.

EBETEC, online and face-to-face school that offers language courses and also professional training. The classes are interactive, with an educator accompanying all the time. He conducts questions at the end of the lesson for the guarantee of learning. The method is divided into three moments: interactivity, handout and evaluation. Because it is an online class, the student can start immediately after the registration, since it is not necessary to form a class.

In addition to improving qualification, or offering the possibility of starting a whole new career, the school also has an innovative proposal that is to meet Brazilian families who need to familiarize themselves with English in everyday life and also for people of the world All who wish to learn to become fluent in language.

The school will partner with the Brazilian Ministry of Education and, until January 2019, students will have access to a distance learning method filled with opportunities aimed at spreading the latest practices related to the financial market and business management.

Even though most children know the English language or have studied in bilingual school, when arriving in the United States there is always some difficulty in adaptation, and one of the school's proposals is to offer ways to end this problem. "No experience is as strong as dealing with the day to day of a particular language in your home country. Thinking about it, we create courses so that both parents and children can take lessons to learn more about English or even reinforce what they already know through playful activities after school.  It would be an alternative to lessen the stress of the change of environment, "explains Daniel Toledo, founding partner of Loyalty Miami and creator of EBETEC.

Parents can attend classes adapted to the business world, which often brings terms, postures and certain behaviors different from day to day in Brazil.  The idea is also to broaden the performance to develop partnerships with sports schools.

Professional Courses

Daniel Toledo points out that companies need professionals with different skills and know the functions of various departments. "The search for complete employees is constant and there are several opportunities for those who fall into this profile and in the course of business management The student will have the chance to become a professional who meets this demand and certainly succeeds in Career, "explains the project's creator.

Through the business management course, the participants will have access to the functions of the administrative, accounting, sales, credit and collection departments, fundamental to the full development and growth of any institution.

Those who opt for the financial management classes, also available in the EBETC school, will delve into all matters related to financial planning, as well as define techniques for the definition of sales price, cash flow and demonstratives In order to help organizations achieve their goals. "These classes are ideal for those who are microentrepreneurs, work in the accounting and financial sector or simply want to learn how to manage their own financial lives for a peaceful future," Toledo points out.

The course on the financial market contemplates all the needs of the investor who needs to know and dominate this universe filled with details and procedures to be taken to operate in the stock exchange.

International politics is also a course that has been drawing the attention of students. Especially for those in the United States it is essential to understand the world scenario, its consequences and economic impacts and influences in the modern world. Participants receive information on topics such as conflicts within and between nations, foreign policy, democratization, security, global economies and the spheres of influence that affect all these issues. The program shows historical perspectives and political theory, as well as an overview of the contemporary issues that the world faces.

There are also classes in the health and nutrition sector, two areas that do not stop growing in the United States.  The goal is to motivate and develop training for studies, research and interventions also in physical activity directed to the promotion of quality of life, so high in the state of Florida.

Students will be able to act in the health education segment; Structuring and management of quality of life programmes aiming at strengthening the collaboration between health and education services; Integrated promotion of health, food and healthy nutrition, leisure and physical activities.  "Professionals trained in pedagogical and health areas can participate, as well as professionals interested in developing interdisciplinary activities in the industry and service sectors," concludes Daniel Toledo.

To learn more about school, teachers and classes, stakeholders can access through the site http://ebetec.us/cursos/


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