Petrobras profit consolidates state recovery in the oil market

As the Offshore Panorama has reported, Petrobras has redoubled its efforts in order to leave a strong crisis caused as a result of the investigation of the car wash.  In your program of divestiture, the brazilian State seeks to cast off until 2018, $ $21 billion. But for that, the company outlined a strong panorama about future prospects, combined with a robust partnership programme.

The result was the profit gained in the last quarter of this year, which can be considered as enterprise recovery consolidation in the world oil market. The net gain of 4.45 billion reais, acquired from January to March, reverses the liabilities of 1.25 billion from the same period of 2016. Going on yet, a 72% increase in exports of oil and oil products (782,000 bpd).

According to statement released by the company, one of the growth factors was cutting spending on import of oil and oil products, according to the greater participation of Brazilian oil cargo processed and greater supply of natural gas. The State said that had smaller expenses with sales, General and administrative, drawn by the reduction of its assets. In addition, there was a reduction of net financial expenses and lower spending on low to dry wells.

Petrobras ' recovery is an extremely important factor for the country's economy, as well as for the development and growth of the domestic oil market. Despite not yet having acquired a result enough to cover the hole and the financial deficit, the net debt of the Group retreated 4%, from R $314.1 billion reais at the end of December, to R $301 billion in March 31.

While Petrobras has been restoring, the market has been strengthening and new opportunity of job generation start to arise. It is not yet possible to predict upcoming events or if the path by which the State is following will be at all positive for workers, market and the national economy, but at least one can note that "good positive winds returned to blow".

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