M2 Subsea will help repair of tubes in the Mexican offshore

The company, engineering projects M ² Subsea, remote assistance expert in-depth work with the Frontera Offshore to deliver repair works for Permaducto, a subsidiary of Grupo Protexa, on the Ku-Maloob-Zaap oil (KMZ) in the Bay of Campeche, 105 km northeast of Cuidad del Carmen, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Leaving Houston base personnel on board the support vessel chartered from Frontera multifunction Offshore, Tehuana, to aid in the pre-and post-release surveys.

The program involves raising a section of 4.66 miles (7.5 km) of pipeline KMZ-94 to be stabilized for Permaducto. Two vehicles ROV submarine working-class Triton will be deployed of the Tehuana for delivering lifting services, to be installed at a depth of approximately 76 m.

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