MA: project brings energy to Parque dos Lençóis

The company Equatorial Energia Maranhão has developed a project called Luzes nos Lençóis, which aims to bring electricity to communities in the Lençóis National Park. The investment, which will be more than R$ 3 million, has a photovoltaic source system, without emission of pollutants and will benefit more than 140 families in six villages.

According to the company, the project, which will be an alternative to the use of diesel and/or kerosene generators to produce electricity, covers the communities: Canto do Atins, Ponta do Mangue; Hunger Kills; Baixa Grande; Queimada dos Britos and Ponta Verde (Santo Amaro). The calls are expected to be made by the end of February 2021. 

The communities Tucuns, Mirinzal, Santo Antônio, Treated De Baixo, Achuí, Janaúba, Baixa da Onça, Bracinho, Treated from Above, Buriti Amarelo, Buritizal and Cedro will receive energy by aerial network with fiber poles to suit the sandy terrain.

Equatorial Maranhão has also begun construction of the new Lençóis Substation, which will bring energy to more than 60,000 people and is expected to be completed in December. In addition, a new distribution network, with 68 km of extension, is being built and will connect the substations Urbano Santos and Lençóis. The substation will bring energy to the municipalities of Humberto de Campos, Santo Amaro, Morros and Primeira Cruz.


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