Macaé excels with projects in the P&G sector

With new projects and experiments that promise to boost the basis of the regional and state economy, Macaé gains prominence and consolidates himself as the “City of Gas and Energy”. The region is preparing to meet the demands of Petrobras, Shell and ExxonMobil, which have been auctioned at the last auctions held and are focused on investments in the P&G sector.

Petrobras, for example, promises to invest more than US$ 10 billion in the region, increase its operational capacity in the area, revitalize old fields and raise the volume of production and processing of natural gas – mainly from this prospect of the increase in offshore activities in the Campos Basin.

With the focus on power generation projects, the city can also receive the construction of new thermal power plants. In addition to the construction of Marlim Azul, two are already in operation and there are still four more projects in the licensing phase.

All these changes guarantee more jobs and the development of the city, which also streamlines the licensing processes of Transport – a connection between RJ-106, where Tepor will be installed, with RJ-168, in the stretch where the installation of the new and the Macaé Industrial Logistics Complex (CLIMATE).


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