Largest oil auction in the world can happen this year

Sources have informed us that in the coming months Brazil must perform one of the largest oil exploration auctions in the world, which can reach 15 billion barrels, higher volume since 2016, when the total was 13 billion.

The mega auction should take place in the month of June or after the electoral process of this year, which takes place in October. However, before that, the government will need to enter into agreement with Petrobras to decide the issue of the contract between the Union and the State on the so-called costly assignment, the government of which established on 16 January an inter-ministerial commission.

The Commission is formed by representatives of the Ministries of Mines and Energy, farm and planning, with the objective of, within 60 days, to negotiate the value of the contract, the maximum volume, the term of validity and the minimum percentage of content. According to the Concordat, which was signed in 2010, the state has the right to explore areas of the pre-salt, without bidding, in exchange for billionaire payment to the government. However, the agreement envisaged renegotiation of values after the commerciality declaration of the areas.

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