Strategic management in the P&G industry

Companies to restructure themselves in the market have adopted strategic management policies, aiming to achieve positive results in the oil and gas sector. For this, it is necessary to design a set of goals within the deadline required to be realized, based on two essential items: Planning and organization.

Every strategic plan has a defined period to be applied, usually in the medium and long term. In addition to defining the results that the oil company wants to obtain, the most important is to make a study on the internal and external strengths and weaknesses that influence the company’s performance in the market, and from that, draw up an execution planning that Enable the achievement of this goal.

In the oil and gas sector, which has been constantly growing with the adherence of sustainable policies by companies in the sector, investing in renewable energy is a significant time of ascension in the market. This can be a determinant factor for industries that seek new development strategies and want to stand out in the area.

In addition to the ecological context, it is important that the company set social responsibility goals, both in relation to its clients and for its employees. Companies that undertake social and environmental commitments, mainly in the oil sector — one of the biggest pollutants to the environment — have an important role in the market and thus stimulate greater competition in the area.

Through good strategic management, in addition to the companies improving their activities and obtaining satisfactory results, they also contribute to the competitiveness of the market and heat the economy.

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