Manati: Geopark announces sale of stake

Last Monday (23), the Latin company Geopark announced an agreement to sell for R $ 144.4 million its 10% stake in the Manati field, in shallow waters of the Camamu Basin, to gas bridge. 

The operation is conditional on the acquisition of 90% of the project, which has as its members Petrobras (35%, operator), Enauta (45%), PetroRio (through Brasoil Manati, 10%) and Geopark (10%).

In August, Enauta announced the sale to Gas Bridge of its stake, and earlier this month, PetroRio also announced the sale of 10% of the field. Gas Bridge still needs to settle the purchase of Petrobras' stake, which began to be sold in May.

Gas Bridge was created last year by the former director of Petrobras and former president of the Brazilian Petroleum Institute (IBP), João Carlos de Luca, in partnership with other executives such as Marco Tavares, Esteban Papanicolau, Peter Boot and Ronaldo Borgerth. Campo de Manati will represent the company's entry into the natural gas production market. So far, the oil company has been moving to be an energy supply on several fronts, including the import of Bolivian gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) operations.


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