Marked the date of the next rounds of bidding

The next rounds of oil auctions already have scheduled. The Government announced that the 15th round of bidding for exploration blocks and fourth bidding round will take place in the pre-salt days 29 March and 7 June 2018, respectively. The fourth will follow the production sharing model, already the 15th will be under concessions, because it refers to areas of oil and gas in the post-salt.

The decision was taken yesterday, November 9, for extraordinary meeting of the National Council of energy policy (CNPE). Until then, the Government there was no formalized bidding dates. Was set to the fourth round of the pre-salt layer blocks ofertará Três Marias, two brothers, Uirapuru, Saturn and Itaimbezinho, located in the Campos and Santos basins.

Already the fifteenth round licitará 70 blocks, and 49 are located in basins of Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe-Alagoas, Campos and Santos, including two adjacent blocks to Saturn and 21 blocks inland basins of the Paraná and Parnaíba.

The offer of blocks in the basins of the Foz do Amazonas and Pernambuco-Paraiba will stay only for 2019. Want to know more about the world of oil, gas, energy, fuel, gasoline, pre-salt, Petrobras and offshore? Keep watching the Panorama Offshore. Remember: your business going on around here! Check out: and


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