Maricá uses pre-salt royalty to fund jobs

During the current period of crisis, the municipality of Maricá, in Rio de Janeiro, is using the savings accumulated by collecting oil royalties to sustain jobs in micro and small companies. A group of more than 8,500 of them will receive R$ 30 million in total to guarantee the payment of a minimum wage (R$ 1,045), for three months, to their employees in social isolation.

The initiative is part of the Employment Support Program (EAP), created exclusively for the current phase. "We save resources and optimize investments. We have built a policy of generating jobs and income, supporting the local economy, and strengthening jobs in our city. The data show that Maricá is reacting differently in this crisis", said the mayor, Fabiano Horta.

According to the National Agency of Oil, Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the projection of royalty collection by the city this year is R $ 563 thousand. 


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