Marintec 2018 promotes naval sector of Brazil

National and international suppliers established in the Fluminense state participate in the naval sector event in August with the expectation of prospecting new business

Recognized in the world as the wonderful city, Rio de Janeiro bitter a financial and social crisis that highlighted the fiscal breach that the state suffered in recent years. The situation-aggravated by the retraction of the oil and gas sector-had the effect of stagnating a series of companies in the production chain of the shipbuilding sector. However, there is an effort for recovery that is tacking positive perspectives on the horizon of the Fluminense companies.

The city is the place chosen to receive the main event of South America dedicated to the sectors of shipbuilding, maintenance and operations, Marintec South America. This year, the event takes place from 14 to 16 August at the SulAmérica Convention Center and aims to gather as many national and international suppliers and place the links of the naval chain in contact to align the interests and promote business.

"We are observing positive signs, driven mainly by OPEX (Operation Expenditure-Capital used to maintain a company) and CAPEX (capital Expenditure-earmarked for investments) offshore and we hope that the maritime sector Get back on track along 2018 and early 2019, "says partner and managing director Brazil of M&O Partners, Jan Lomholdt.

The Norwegian company M&O Partners has a branch established in the Botafogo District, south of Rio de Janeiro City, and represents several suppliers of the maritime and offshore industry. For Marintec South America, the company's highlight will be the new partnership with Danish DESMI, which offers more than 100 types of centrifugal and gear-pump projects, covering all the machine room applications and also the Ro-Clean DESMI that provides A wide range of solutions for cleaning in oil spills.

Another confirmed presence at Marintec 2018 is Jevin, a company with headquarters in the municipality of Macaé (RJ), is a specialist in the integration of radio systems of Motorola, and its leader also integrates the group of optimistic. The commercial director of the company, Guilherme Capistrano Cunha, reveals that it is a challenge to remain in a market that has been stagnant for so long. "I believe that in the next two years we will follow an evolution in the oil exploration/production business and the consequence will be an increase in the demand for products and services in this area that we operate ICT (information and communication technologies)," says Wedge.

The subsidiary of the multinational Wilhelmsen, the Wilhelmsen ships Service of Brazil, is installed in Rio de Janeiro, with a wide offer of solutions for the naval and offshore area that will be presented during the Marintec. "The year 2018 should still be transitioning to better days for industry ahead. We have the expectation of growth in the sales of more products of the portfolio to companies present in Brazil in the naval market, as well as on the offshore, which comes from a shrinkage in recent years, but already gives signs of recovery, "says Sales Manager South America & Central Wilhelmsen ships Service at Marine Products Division, Augusto Vieira.

Jobs–The importance of the resumption of the naval sector in Rio Janeiro, in addition to helping to take out the red public accounts, means a recovery of the levels of employment. The survey published by the Brazilian Institute of Statistical Geography (IBGE), last Thursday (21), points out that the naval industry had a drop of 49% of the staff occupied in just two years. The sector had 61500 vacancies in 2014 and closed 2016 with 31500. Much of this fall took place in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where 23000 vacancies were closed, and the contingent of 31000 workers fell to only 8000.

About Marintec South
Marintec South America is the main business platform to leverage innovations and connect with the maritime community of South America. Meeting point of this industry, gathers shipowners, shipyards, manufacturers and suppliers, national and international, for the increase of productivity, professional qualification, the promotion of new technologies, investment and demand and supply For the whole jail. In the last edition held gathered more than 100 exhibitors from 7 countries and counted on the circulation of 5,500 thousand professionals. The 15th edition in 2018, takes place from August 14th to 16th, at the SulAmérica convention Center in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Marintec South America is organized by UBM, which in June 2018 associated with inform PLC became the leading group in B2B information Services and the largest organizer of B2B events in the world. To find out


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