Gas market can generate up to R $ 45 billion in RJ, says Firjan

According to the study by Firjan called "Rio a todo gás", natural gas can generate investments of up to R$ 45 billion in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The value would come from attracting food, glass, steel and fertilizer industries, as well as the expansion of the use of gas in light and heavy

vehicles." Today gas is linked only to electricity. The idea of the study is to point out the opportunities for the use of gas in other consumer sectors, with the attraction of glass, ceramics, food and expand the use of CNG. But to do so, it is necessary to approve the regulatory framework of the sector that is within the government's Gas to Grow program. Without this, we will not be able to unlock the investments," said Luiz Cesio Caetano, president of Firjan Leste Fluminense. 

The document produced by the company also points out that gas can play a strategic role in revitalizing the economy after the coronavirus outbreak in the state. In addition, for Caetano, part of the gas being injected into the wells could also be being consumed or generating jobs and collections.