Mato Grosso signs memorandum with Bolivia to purchase natural gas

The rulers of the Mato Grosso signed memoranda of understanding with Bolivia in order to buy Bolivian natural gas from 2019, year terminates a purchase contract with Petrobras.

The signing of the documents occurred in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia and, in addition to the rulers of Mato Grosso, also attended by Bolivian President Evo Morales and local representatives of the energy industry.

The news comes against with the possibilities of increased gas production in Brazil, as recent statement of the Minister of mines and energy, Fernando Bezerra Coelho Son, can become exporter of natural gas in the coming years.

As I have already informed by Panorama Offshore, if the increase in the production of Brazilian gas occurs, the country can be self-sufficient in gas about to start exporting. Follow accompanying.

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