Mato Grosso will have corn ethanol plant

FS Bioenergia announced an investment of 1 billion in the construction of a corn ethanol plant in the municipality of Sorriso, in Mato Grosso. The project will be carried out in two stages: in the generation of 265 million liters of fuel, the costing will be r $700 million, and the R $300 million will be coated in the expansion of production capacity.

The expectation is that the production is 530 million liters of corn ethanol per year, and according to the company there is the possibility of storing approximately 400,000 tonnes of corn, a raw material that will be used for the production of biofuel .

According to the National Union of Corn Ethanol (unite), the production potential in Brazil can go from 700 million liters to 3.5 billion in five years. The country goes through a moment of growth in the production of biofuels, mainly in the Midwest region.

The trend is that the development of fuels increase increasingly, because the market has invested in sustainable productions and invested in the prevention of the environment. The future boils down to sustainability.

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