Mega auction should happen in November

The Court of Auditors of the Union (TCU) decided that new requirements of the organ that threatened to delay the holding of a mega auction of pre-salt areas, pre for 29 November by the federal government, will be valid only from 2019, second He approved the plenary of the court this Wednesday.

In a normative statement published in the Official Journal of the Union last week, the TCU had defined that the Government should submit information for the holding of auctions with 150 days in advance.

This rule could prevent the pre-salt bidding, since the Union is not prepared to send information about the event, which still depends on a number of other issues, such as the approval of a bill by Congress, which is even crucial to To make an agreement between Petrobras and government necessary for the auction.

But the TCU has now decided that there will be a transitional rule, by means of a change in the normative statement, which would postpone to 2019 the start of the new deadline requirement, which eliminates this uncertainty about the realization of the important auction in November.

"It's excellent news… We continue working for November 29th, "Reuters said the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Márcio Félix.

The idea of the government is to auction off a surplus of oil and gas in the region associated with the so-called contract of the costly assignment, which granted Petrobras the right to produce up to 5 billion barrels of oil equivalent in certain areas of the pre-salt. This is because it is believed that the region has volumes much higher than those provided for in the contract.

In earlier statements, the Government reported that the Treasury could raise up to 100 billion reais with an auction of surpluses. But the bidding depends on a hit between Petrobras and government.

By signing the costly transfer agreement in 2010, Petrobras paid 74.8 billion reais to the Union for the right to explore the areas. However, a revision of this value was already planned from the outset, based on variations of indicators such as the price of the oil and dollar barrel.

The state has argued that it is a creditor in this renegotiation, and a settlement with the union on the subject is necessary to release the realization of the auction of surpluses. Source: Extra newspaper.

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