MEPs debate about electric power code

Today (24) there will be a new public hearing, promoted by the Special Committee of the Brazilian Electric Energy Code, to discuss the challenges of power generation. The request was by Mr Arnaldo Jardim (citizenship – SP). The hearing will take place at 14:30, in plenary 6, in the Chamber of Deputies, in Brasilia.

Understand the case: installed at the end of August this year, the Commission was created to vote on a new proposal for amendment to the Constitution (PEC) for the Energy Department. This proposal would improve the sector in its generation, production and distribution in various modal, such as wind, photovoltaic, biomass, oil and others.

Among the invited to the debate, will be present the executive president of the Brazilian Association of Clean Energy Generation (Abragel), Charles Lenzi; And the president of the Brazilian Association of Electric Energy Generating Companies (Abrage), Flávio Antônio Neiva.

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