Members propose direct sale of ethanol to anp

Next Tuesday (11), deputies of the Commission on Mines and Energy (CME) plan to meet with representatives of the National Agency for Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) and the Ministry of Economy to discuss the feasibility of direct ethanol sales producers for the posts. The proposal could generate a new bill, taking into account fuel taxation.

The decision of the meeting was made due to the impasse that occurred in the vote on PDC 98/2018, which seals an ANP resolution and allows the sale of ethanol. Although the bill already supported to be voted on, parliamentarians have filed two requests for postponement of the agenda.

PDC 98/2018, proposed by Otto Alencar (PSD/BA), was approved in the Senate in June 2018, shortly after the truckers’ strike, and is the proposal more advanced in congress to allow direct sale without the need for approval by the Federal Executive.


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