Market has good reaction the OPEC oil reduction

Since it entered into force in January this year, the world oil production cut has had good reactions from the oil and gas market. In a recent statement, Qatar's Energy Minister and OPEC President, Mohamed Saleh al Sada, said the positive response can be seen in the fall in supply and in appreciation of the price of oil in the world.

The OPEC initiative, which aims to reduce 1,800,000 barrels daily, aims to rebalance the market. Despite the week wasn't very good for oil, closing down for two consecutive days on futures contracts, investors and OPEC members producers and countries that support the reduction of global production, are optimistic and bet on high in the next few weeks.

Since the deal was proposed in November 2016, the oil has had a good recovery period.  Want more details about the offshore world? Continue interacting with the Panorama, the portal is the ideal tool for those who need and seek quality information and news about oil, gas and offshore. Your business goes through here. Check out:


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