Even with American stocks storm are maintained

Considered a "troublesome" stone in the shoe "of Opec, American oil reserves has had good reduction in recent days. However, despite the progress, the number has not yet been enough to obtain great results in elevation of the commodity. And to the surprise of the cartel members, even with the storm Harley, which reaches the American States of Texas and Louisiana, the U.S. oil stocks will not be freed.

The information is from the International Energy Agency (IEA), which stated that does not see the need to release the stocks, even after significant part of production and refining industry of the United States have been halted as a result of natural disasters.

The Agency said it is watching closely the situation in the States in order to assess the impact of the storm on oil and gas markets. According to information, market mechanisms and Government assistance were adequate, so far, and the IEA has remained in contact with American authorities.


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