Mexico is the leading supplier of Spain's oil

With 9,200,000 tons of imports, namely, 14.4% of the total, Mexico has overcome Nigeria and became the main supplier of oil from Spain in the year 2016. However, despite having high Mexican exports to the European country, statistics of the strategic reserves of petroleum products (colors) informed that Spain has a very solid and diversified structure in your oil supply by importing the product of numerous countries.

Generally speaking, the Spanish imported 64,100,000 tons of oil in 2016, 0.7% lower than the 64,600,000 tons in 2015. To achieve that number, Spain received the oil, in addition to Mexico, from countries such as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Russia. Want to know more about the Offshore world? Keep watching the Panorama and stay informed about everything what happens in the world of oil, gas and offshore. Your business goes through here. Check out:


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