MG: Gas tariff has reduction of 7.6%

The channeled gas tariff of the Minas Gerais Gas Company (Gasmig) decreased by about 7.6% according to the Government of Minas Gerais. The approval was made by the Secretary of State for Economic Development (Headquarters) and applies to industrial and vehicular consumers in the state.

The new tariff values represent a drop of 7% for large industrial consumers and 7.6% for consumers in the vehicle segment. Moreover, the improvements in payment terms are the result of negotiations between Gasmig and Petrobras, supplier of natural gas.

It is worth remembering that the economic crisis caused by the new coronavirus affected the piped gas sector of Minas Gerais, whose consumption fell about 35% by mid-April. However, even with the deficits, gasmig and headquarters's assessment is that the company is able to pass on the current reduction in the tariff and still support itself financially during the pandemic.

Finally, in addition to the reductions, customers can also count on conditions of installment of their invoices for the months of March, April and May, without charging charges.


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