Minas e Energia launches new information portal

Recently, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) innovated with the launch of a new portal that aims to inform about the projects led by the MME: ProBrasil Energy and Mining. The portal will focus on attracting potential investors and serve as a primary source of information for the national and international press.

The idea is to provide data and reports on the most diverse themes about the MME, in addition to facilitating the monitoring of the status of various projects and abstracts for a better understanding of processes and actions.

In the portal, we highlight the auction of surplus volumes of Onerous Assignment and the 6th Sharing Round, which took place respectively in the November 6-7, in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, it is also possible to find information about the 16th Block Bidding Round for Exploration and Oil and Natural Gas Production and the New Energy Auction A-6, both held in October of this year, also in Rio de Janeiro, among several Other.

The portal can be accessed by clicking here http://energiaemineracaoprobrasil.mme.gov.br


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