Minas Gerais has an investment of R $22 million in a solar power plant

Last Friday, November 23, was released by the company Innova Energy The installation of the first solar power plant in Uberaba, in Minas Gerais. Approximately R $22 million were invested and the expectation is to initiate the operation in 2019.

According to the company, the renewable energy plant will start with a capacity of 1 megawatt, equivalent to 130,000 kwh/month, reaching up to 5 megawatts, which corresponds to 650,000 kwh per month, sufficient quantity to supply approximately 750 Residences.

The purpose of the installation of the new plant is the production of solar energy so that the expenditures can be reduced by up to 10% with the conventional, succeeding a breakthrough in the economy of the municipality, besides generating more jobs.

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