Minister enables privatization of Eletrobras distributor

The Federal Supreme Court minister, Ricardo Lewandowski, revoked the Inlimination — previously issued by him in June of this year — which suspended the privatization process of the subsidiary of Eletrobras de Alagoas, ceal. With the decision, the auction of the distributor that was locked, can now happen.

In the text, Lewandowski requested that an economic-financial expertise be carried out to clarify issues "whose understanding is essential to the judgment of the cause." Even with the designation, the date of the auction should be scheduled shortly. "Thus, without prejudice to the realization of the expertise, I revoke the previously-wounded Inlimination," the minister determined.

Of the six distributors of Eletrobras, four have already been privatized this year. There are only the Alagoas (Ceal) and Amazonas (Amazonas Energia) – which is scheduled to take place on December 10th.

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