Ministry of the farm discusses the payment of pre-salt

The Ministry of Finance has already begun to discuss with the Court of Auditors of the Union (TCU) The form of payment to Petrobras for the revision of the costly transfer contract for the exploration of the pre-salt signed in 2010. Second source of the economic team, the intention is to pay in cash and not in oil, with all the resources passing through the budget.

With the project amending the bill of costly transfer approved in the House – but depending on the vote of highlights – the discussion with TCU is to define the best way to register this payment.

The project authorizes Petrobras to transfer up to 70% of the areas of costly assignment in the Santos Basin (SP). The costly settlement agreement was closed by Petrobras with the union in 2010 and allowed the state to explore 5 billion barrels of oil in pre-salt fields without bidding. In return, the company paid R $74.8 billion.

In the following years, the quotation of the barrel of oil fell a lot. Because of this, Petrobras claims to have paid the union very high value and wants to be reimbursed.

The Negotiating Committee of the agreement with Petrobras, which had the participation of the Ministries of Mines and Energy and farm, and the National Agency of Petroleum (ANP), at no time came to discuss the possibility of paying in oil, according to the Estadão/Broadcast. The debate is recorded in Ata, but under the confidentiality agreement of the participants.

Technicians of the TCU have expressed concern about the registration of payment to Petrobras and the risk of use of creative accounting. The biggest difficulty for the government is with the spending ceiling in 2018, which has already reached the limit for the year. No deal. The bill in the chamber, which paves the way for the payment agreement and the execution of the auction of surplus barrels, also provides for the payment in oil-a sign that there is no agreement on the subject. The evaluation is that the text voted by the Congress makes the payment in cash clearer. The alternative to pay in oil was contemplated by the former president of Petrobrás Pedro Parent and members of the government.

The approval of the project is essential for the closing of the values of the revision. The understanding is that the project makes clear points that were not possible to be settled during the negotiations for failures, including the contract and the law.

The TCU participated in the discussions. In note, however, the organ said it did not participate in the drafting of the bill.

"There is no information that the TCU supports the text of the bill that is in the process of Congress," the TCU reported, in note. "On the subject, the participation of the TCU has occurred solely through the interaction, in the context of the exercise of external control, with the managers responsible for conducting the process of revision of the contract of costly assignment." Source: Estadão.

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