MME announces new Secretary and injection of R $1.8 trillion

Márcio Félix is the new secretary of oil, Natural gas and biofuels of the Bolsonaro government. The appointment was made by the Minister of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), Admiral Bento Albuquerque. The confirmation of the post was made through publication in the Official Gazette of the Union, on Monday (14).

Felix had already occupied the same position during part of the previous government's management. Now integrates the composition of nominees to the pasta of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, along with the admiral and now minister, Bento Albuquerque. During the inauguration ceremony of the new president of Petrobras, Roberto Castello Branco, Albuquerque undertook to "coordinate and articulate the electrical, oil and gas, mining and clean energy, renewable and nuclear sectors".


Still according to statements by the Minister of Mines and Energy, the sector will have injection of about R $1.8 trillion in the area of clean energy, being r $1.4 trillion for the oil and gas segment, up to 2027. During the event, Bento Albuquerque showed how many enthusiasm for investments in the oil and gas market.

According to the minister, the results of investments are the consequence of the numerous auctions of the exploratory blocks. In the speech, he took advantage to emphasize the exemption of the State in the interference of the price policy in the sector. Thus, attributing all responsibility to the private initiative.

However, during the pronation, Bento Albuquerque emphasized the importance of the balance between renewable sources and fossil fuels, giving prosperity in the Brazilian oil and natural gas market in correlation with the development of technologies Favorable for the contribution of the health of the planet.

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