MME approves PL to encourage ethanol production

It was approved by the Mine and Energy Commission (MME) of the Chamber of Deputies the policy of encouraging the production of ethanol in Microdistilleries and cooperatives of small producers. The Rapporteur of the approved proposal is Deputy Rubens Otoni (PT-GO), replacing part of the text of the draft Law (PL) 9625/18 by Mr Padre João (PT-MG).

Microdistilleries produce up to 10000 litres of ethanol per And with the proposal, can be integrated into a small cooperative of producers Centralizing production in a central distillery for the adequacy of the content of Ethanol. According to PL, both the cooperative and the microdistillery can sell Ethanol fuel for businesses.

The functioning of the entities depends on the authorisation of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), which also Will supervise the production, transport and marketing of the fuel. The Proposal will still be analysed by the Finance and Taxation Committees, Constitution and justice and citizenship to be completed.

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