MME plans to release Derivatives of CBios

According to Pietro Mendes, director of the Biofuels Department of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), a possible release of derivatives of Decarbonization Credits (CBios) in the market may occur later this semester.

The announcement was made in a virtual event opening the sugarcane, sugar and ethanol crop, held last Thursday (11), by the consulting firm Datagro. According to the executive, the measure would allow the launch of CBios not associated with physical negotiations and give more predictability of prices to the papers.

It is worth remembering that each CBio is equivalent to 1 ton of carbon that is no longer emitted, from the substitution of fossil fuels by renewables. In addition to the environmental benefit, biofuel producers would also be contemplated, since it would be possible to finance a crop, while for distributors, the measure would facilitate the locking of prices to be negotiated.

However, it is important to note that discussions are still being held by the government and other entities involved, despite the announcement.


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