MME creates program to heat the oil and gas sector

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) announced a new government program in the oil and gas sector, the "Abastece Brazil". The goal is that the project stimulates investment in the fuel market by encouraging competition among the industries of the industry. The announcement was made by the Minister of the pasta, Bento Albuquerque, during a workshop held in Brasilia (DF).

The program replaces the Brazil fuel, launched by the federal government in February 2017. Both are based on encouraging free competition and attracting new investments to the supply sector. According to Albuquerque, the program's actions are in the discussion phase.

According to the minister, Abastece Brazil also aims to "create a business environment based on governance, stability, with regulatory legal certainty, as well as predictability." In other words, the expectation is that the program provides more transparency in the oil and gas business and brings more confidence to the management of the economy in the sector, reflecting positively on investments throughout the oil industry chain — Including the needy refining area in Brazil — and fuel prices to final consumers.

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