MME discloses rules of energy campaign plan

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) published the guidelines for the Campaign for Voluntary Reduction of Electricity Demand (RVD). The programme aimed at large consumers aims to reduce energy consumption. The alternative had already been previously announced by the Minister of Mines and Energy and is another alternative to the current moment of water and energy crisis. As disclosed last Monday (23), attributions such as the evaluation of offers and definition on schedules were under the responsibility of the ONS (National Electric System Operator).

It is expected that each offer has a minimum validity of one month and a maximum of six months and as an incentive to participate, financial compensation will be offered to those who correctly comply with the rule of reduced energy consumption in a period of four and seven hours per day. The goal is to reach as many possible participants in this project that should be valid until April 30, 2022 and if well adhered to, can alleviate the situation experienced nationally, where the risks of blackout or energy scarcity are increasingly present.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy stressed that "the guidelines allow the industrial sector to participate and make an important contribution to ensuring the security of electricity supply, at a time when water scarcity poses major challenges to meet the demand for electricity in the country."

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