MME And MCTIC cooperate in mining and energy

The Ministries of Mines and Energy (MME) and Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC) have signed a joint ordinance in order to create a collaborative working group. The purpose is that the interministerial group draw up plans and actions to approach the mining and energy sectors of research centers. Thus, the measure will affect the oil, gas, biofuel and electricity production sector.

The signature was made by ministers holding the portfolios, Bento Albuquerque (MME) and Marcos Cesar Pontes (MCTIC). The elaboration of the project should be done in the next 45 days.

Commenting on the partnership, Bento Albuquerque demonstrated satisfaction with the initiative. “MCTIC knows where the best laboratories are and the best research centers for this development,” he said. “We are in the ministry that knows very well all the potential that the country has to transform all natural wealth in goods and quality of life,” added Marcos Pontes do MCTIC.


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