MME is optimistic with oil scenery in the country

The Court of Auditors of the Union (TCU) approved the last Thursday (9) The rules of the auction of surplus Volumes of the onerous cession, That will happen next November 6th. In this way, the Ministry of Mines and energy (MME) showed satisfaction with the court's decision, since the Bidding is of great importance to the economy of the country.

"The ministry recognizes the effort and commitment of Members of the court with the public interest, which will allow the fulfilment of the The largest oil and gas auction ever carried out, "said the MME in Official note.

According to the Ministry's projections, the consolidation of the Auctions put the Brazilian P&G sector as the main attraction hub for Major oil companies operating in the world market. In addition to the Generation of new jobs, profits are stipulated in more than R $1 trillion Throughout the contract.

"With the approval of the rules of the auction of onerous assignment, the Brazil takes an important step to become the fifth largest producer of The world's oil and doubling the current reserves to the level of 30 billion Equivalent oil barrels, "concluded the MME.


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