Mozambique may be main source of natural gas

During the International Conference on gas, Mozambique Gas Summit, held in Maputo, the Vice-President of the Liquefied Natural gas area of the American multinational company Anadarko, Andrew Seck, argued that Mozambique can become a motor in the gas sector, since the city has full conditions to produce the product worldwide.

According to Seck, the country needs to prepare to take over the leadership of production in 2020 and to take advantage of the law of supply and demand of gas must have growth in this period. The Vice President of Anadarko said "that all projects have a window of opportunity in energy areas and between 2022 and 2023, Mozambique will have the opportunity to position itself as a big engine and new actor in this sector," said.

According to calculation of the reserves that the company consortium of Seck held natural gas reserves in the area 4 of the Rovuma basin, northern Mozambique, is estimated at 75 billion cubic feet.


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