MP opens inquiry on gas price in SP

An investigation by the Public Prosecutor's Office of São Paulo pointed out the existence of abusive prices in the sale of cooking gas. According to the investigation, the product would be sold for up to R$ 130 in points in the periphery of the capital; however, it would be being purchased at refineries in São Paulo for, in the maximum, R$ 25.

Due to high demand, several points of sale are closed by the lack of the product, and those that still remain open, charge about from R$ 100 to R$ 130 reais. The sale would be made by distribution of passwords, and telephone service for deliveries would be suspended.

Thus, the MP instituted a criminal investigation against three distributors of cooking gas for the possible crimes against the consumer and the economic order. According to the agency, members of the Protection and Consumer Protection Agency (Procon) and the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biocombustiveis (ANP) were in the establishments identifying the practice of abusive prices in the marketing of gas cylinders.

However, once again the ANP reinforces that the supply of the product normalized and occurrences of abusive prices are one-off problems. The Procon recalls that it is monitoring all complaints and guiding consumers to require invoice, keep proof of payment and, if possible, photograph the price panels of the gas resale. The agency highlighted, finally, that it is necessary to have documentary evidence at the time of the complaint, as without there is no possibility of returning the amount unduly charged.


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