Member defends proposal against Cartelisation

It was filed by Alê Silva (PSL/MG), the 5220/2019 bill that provides on the sealing of fuel price adjustments by the retailer as long as the stock purchased at the previous price lasts. In combating Cartelisation, the member maintains that the reseller can only make a price adjustment each time he receives a new volume from the Distributor.

Currently, fuel adjustments are not regulated either by the Government or by the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP). The parliamentary recognizes that since the implementation of the new price policy of Petrobras, the amounts levied by the fuels have risen in an expressive way and states that Brazilian consumers have faced successive increases.

Since June, with a review of its price policy for diesel and gasoline in its refineries, Petrobras has started to make adjustments without a definite periodicity and the fuels have now been readjusted according to market conditions and analysis of the environment External.

Another example given by the member was the crisis caused by the truckers ‘ strike. In addition to the oscillation of the real against the dollar and the quotation of the oil barrel, Silva also responsible retailers for the price escalation.

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