Multinational gas invests in Minas Gerais

The Spanish multinational Natural gas will invest approximately 95 million euros (about US $117 million) in two photovoltaic projects in Brazil, which generate each year 165 GWh-gigawatts per hour-and which begin to function in the last quarter of 2018, The company reported this Monday.

The Global Power Generation (GPG) branch doubles the power generation in the Brazilian market after its entry in 2017.

In a statement, the Spanish company details that the project will be carried out in Minas Gerais, where two photovoltaic parks will be opened: Guimarania I and Guimarania II, of 83MWp.

The parks that will be built from an agreement with Brazil's public system of selling energy generated for 20 years, at an approximate average price of 97.5 euros/MWh. Source: Uol Economics.

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