Fluminense municipalities grow with royalties

One of the great sources of wealth of the state of Rio de Janeiro, if not the largest, the royalties of oil give positive deeds to the municipalities Fluminense and to Brazil, even more with the discovery of the pre-salt. The strength of Petrobras has to be highlighted, which even in the face of crises, drives the Rio state for Growth, and now also pre-salt petroleum, a company that operates in Brazil’s decisions on exploration and production.

There in the 1970, when Petrobras chose Macaé to be the seat of its operations in the Campos Basin, the city lived a population and industrial boom. Approximately 4000 companies settled in the municipality and the population was multiplied by ten-today are more than 200,000 inhabitants. There was the emergence with this ‘ evolution ‘ of luxury hotels and various enterprises of the service sector and in the branch of restaurants, also increasing the tourist flow.

Mayor Alcides Francisco Ramos, who was in charge of 1983 to 1988, said at the time that he was afraid of the growth that hit the city, “because even if he was in advance, he could not contain the population growth and keep the public services in order.”

The wealth generated with the production of oil maintains at the peak as the largest collectors in the year of 2017 the cities of Maricá, first, and Niterói, which was in second place, because they were benefited by the increase of the production of the fields of squid and thrush, in the basin of Santos , also giving impetus to the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, Saquarema and Angra dos Reis.

Maricá is located 60 km from Rio de Janeiro, and it is 200 km from the coast of the areas of exploration of the fields of the Santos basin, 100 km less of the city of Macaé, which favors the largest collection of royalties for Maricá, since it went into operation the FPSO city of Maricá.

“The economy of Maricá begins to be leveraged with the intention of bringing to the municipality industries that consolidate and that affirm as industrial municipality,” said in interview the president of the Development Company of Maricá (Codemar), José Orlando Dias, which indicates that the company It has implemented the Director plan of Maricá Airport, with forecast of expansion of the courtyard, installation of beacon, construction of passenger terminal and galleries of shops.

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