Enchanted Music shines on OTC 2017

Enchanted Music by tuning the soundtrack to the future of young people

Education is the master spring of the transformation of a country. We could quote several examples from
The changes earned there in 1910, when they joined fathers, Masters, authorities, Finnish pupils,
and transformed the nation into the best and most efficient education in the world.

It was a set, a "Julkinen järjestys"-Public order in the Finnish language. On the contrary, our
Authorities invent to raise funds that do not arrive at the mouth of the tap, they are lost in the
Corrupting hoses. One or another company gives the luxury of an attentiveness to the social side, it is a grain
Sand on a beach. Some selfless connoisseurs, volunteers, or even ignorant build
Libraries with garbage books for your community. Others, of so honest, return thousands of
Dollars found in a public restroom at the airport of Brasília, and is raised to the condition of man
Honest to the side of a scumbag who administered the country and is on the brink of his cell.

So we walk, and we will succeed
At the last fair of the OTC 2017, in the space Arena of knowledge created by IBP, we had the last
Day the spectacular presentation of young people from destitute communities of the Rio de Janeiro
Gringolandia, Furquim Mendes, dam, Beira River, Reborn, Parque Analândia and residents of the neighbourhoods
of Jardim America, vicar General, Cordovil and Pavuna, all poor communities, Paupérrimas,
Forgotten by the state and only remembered at election time. Of the selfless, men and women of the
Well, there arose the enchanted Music project that is headquartered in the community of Phídias Távora (FICAP) in a
Favelas on the shores of the Acari River (rotten) between the neighborhoods Garden America and Pavuna.

This project promotes the musical development and full citizenship of young people and children from 5 to 17
Years of age, literate, enrolled and attending school and the site today is called the Earth
Enchanted. In the project these young citizens receive free singing lessons, musicalization of the flute
Sweet, complementary education (school reinforcement), guitar, violin and musical theory. of the same project
The orchestra was born with enchanted acoustic guitars, which meets the agenda of presentations at events and shows
Schools, hospitals, businesses, theatres and other institutions. The Enchanted Acoustic Guitar Orchestra has more than
Thirteen years of history. In 2009 he partnered with the Social Center of FMC Technologies. Then covenant with
The law Rouanet and, ultimately, partnered to have its countertops costs via sponsorship of the holding TechnipFMC,
Making the initial project for enchanted music that had its activities expanded for hiring
of skilled professionals, more teachers and psychological and social care. Anyway, with good
Will, social assistance and support for sponsorship of the TechnipFMC suit companies.

More information on Phone 21 3454-0251, site www.musicaencantada.com.br or by email
Musicaencantada@musicaencantada.com.br, and can also enjoy or comment on the presentations and
Posts on Facebook/Projetomusicaencantada.

We from the Offshore Panorama we want to accomplish this dream of seeing more children in school benches,
Cultural, scenic, sporting, and businesses for which we generate content can participate
Effective, after all what is a company that aims stitch profits have sustainable and social focus?

Edict Funarte 2013
Agency Award for good-2014 and 2015
Travel Europa-2016
Presentations in England and Scotland.
Closure OTC 2017 on 26 October at Riocentro (IBP)/RJ-Brasil