Mussel platform production stop can cause impact to the consumer

On Monday, July 30th, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Moreira Franco, will ask in a meeting with the President of Petrobras, Ivan Monteiro, for the state to postpone the shutdown of the platform mussel, producer of natural gas in the basin of Santos, for a Another moment to improve the reservoir levels of hydroelectric plants.

Petrobras established last week that it would undertake a shutdown of the Mussel platform for maintenance and installation of infrastructure works for the disposal of natural gas that will be produced in the pre-salt fields. And at the same time, they will be turned off for maintenance seven gas thermals. This stop was authorized by the National Electrical System Operator (ONS).

The maintenance and replacement of the Mussel platform, which produces 15 million cubic meters, will give Petrobras an increase in the supply of liquefied Natural gas (LNG) in more than 20 million cubic meters per day. The measure of stoppage established by the State, can cause damage to society, since there is a shortage of rainfall in several places, especially where there are the lakes of hydroelectrics, and can impact the Brazilian consumer.

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