Myanmar's navy unravels the mystery of the Phantom ship

Myanmar's navy reveals mystery of the Phantom Ship, which was last seen on the coast of Taiwan in 2009. The vessel was found by fishermen in the vicinity of the Rangoon region of Myanmar.

The navy said it suspected that the boat would have had a tow attempt, because they had found two cables. Shortly after they found the boat that was trying to tow the ship, called Independence, about 80 kilometers from the site.

13 crew members were questioned, and with this, it was discovered that the trailer was being made since the 13th of August, which would be taken to Bangladesh, where there is a ship demolition industry, so that it would be completely dismantled. But due to a storm the two cables ruptured, making the trailer impossible.

The investigations are still aiming to find out who tried to tow the ship and what else happened to the boat that was found rusted.

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