Namibia is the oil exploration focus of Angola

The ACREP – Oil Exploration, Angolan company, completed the environmental assessment survey of Gava and Sikarosompo region, in the region of Kavango, Namibia and now start a survey in blocks 1718 and 1818, in the sedimentary basin of Etosha. Information provided by regional governments Kavango West.

The press of Namibia said that the exploration activity in these two blocks have been frequent. It has occurred, including, on February 18, a meeting between the head of the oil sector in the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia, Maggy Shino and ACREP company.

Currently, Angola is the largest oil producer in Africa, producing about 1.6 million barrels of crude oil per day. Already Namibia, is a little time in the oil and gas sector, being driven in 2014, due to the high prices of barrels. With the fall of the share price in recent years, interest in exploration reduced, now returning with the onslaughts of ACREP.


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