Nationalization of platforms impacts trade balance

The nationalization of two oil rigs, in the $2.7 billion, prevented the trade surplus of May from hitting compared to the same period in previous years, according to the Secretary of State Ministry of Economy, Lucas Ferraz. The month of May would have increased 42.4% more, about US$ 7.3 billion, were it not for the issue of Platforms.

Initially, these facilities were registered in petrobras subsidiaries abroad, but are now operating in Brazil. The nationalisation of platforms has impacted imports, and are only taking place on account of the migration to the special customs procedure Repetro-Sped, in force since 2018.

In more, the next update of the trade surplus estimate (exports minus imports) will be made by the Ministry of Economy in July. At the moment, the official projection is R$ 46.6 billion, but the Secretary of Foreign Trade said the change should not be so great.


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